Nicolas Henri Jacob, Anatomical proportions of male and female

Nicolas Henri Jacob, without title, in: Marc Jean Bourgery, Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme comprenant la médecine opératoire, par le docteur Bourgery. Avec planches lithographiées d'après nature par N.H. Jacob, tome 1, Paris: C. Delaunay, 1831, pl. 1.

The influence of the life sciences on the arts has been widely discussed in recent years. The transformation of medicine and the emergence of the modern scientific disciplines lead to the discovery of the human as we know it: dualist, mechanistic, or vitalist notions gradually make way for the conception of humans as biological organisms. Literature reflects the scientific developments during the Enlightenment and Romanticism and, in turn, shapes our understanding of what is human. The 2009 conference will present a wide range of topics, reflecting on the different aspects of the discovery of the human regarding the sciences and the arts, for instance, gender, neuroscience, and aesthetics.
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